Effective Business Writing: The Importance of Plain Language

Your written materials, from your business plan to your marketing, are often the first encounter a person has with your company. It is therefore important to make sure that your writing is clear, and that it is relatable.

Packaging and Launching Your Product to Market

How many times have you seen a new product fail because the manufacturer overlooked an aspect that prevented the product from moving off the shelf? It’s a costly mistake, especially considering an average product launch ranges from $12-15,000.

How To Build a Successful Online Business

Online businesses harness the power of the Internet to connect with their customers worldwide. It can open doors to a new market segment and promote your product at a minimum […]

21 Quick Tips to Sell More Products Online

If you sell products online, whether it’s a single product or tens of thousands, there are many things that you can change on your website that will increase your sales, even if you maintain the same amount of website traffic.

How to Keep Your Clients: Account Review Meetings

While converting new prospects is an easy way to measure the return on investment, there is also often a larger untapped pocket of potential in the clients your company already serves. The first step to accessing this potential is an account review.