3 Steps to Build the Best YouTube Marketing Partnerships

With the platform having around 2.6 billion monthly active users and being the second most used search engine, YouTube marketing partnerships offer vast potential reach and significant opportunities for brand exposure and audience engagement. These sponsorships are effective due to creators’ close relationships with their viewers, as well as video being a fantastic way to showcase your products and services. Whether you’re interested in branding or increasing your sales conversion, here are three steps to building the best YouTube marketing partnerships for your brand.

1. Finding YouTube Creators to Market Your Business

Sponsorship marketplace sites can save you time and resources when looking for potential partners to market your brand. These sites allow you to easily set up a sponsorship, whether it’s a detailed review or content dedicated entirely to your business.

On most marketplaces, you’re able to create a campaign proposal that includes your goal, budget, and a pitch for content creators to see and submit Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for.

2. Choosing the Best Fit for Your Brand

When choosing your YouTube sponsorship partner, make sure they represent your brand values and will help you achieve your campaign goals.

Consider these questions while choosing an advertising partner:

  • How well does the channel’s audience align with your campaign goals?
  • How engaged is the audience in the comments under each video?
  • What is the average number of views on the creator’s last 10 YouTube videos?

3. Setting Up a YouTube Marketing Campaign

Be proactive in your partnership to set yourself up for success. 

For example, if you’ve partnered with a creator to promote your product, prepare some topics to discuss. These could include:

  • Where your product and brand will appear in the video
  • How they’ll show off how great your product is 
  • If they’ll explain how viewers can purchase the product
  • Where and when they’ll link to your online shop
  • If you’ll offer a special deal specifically for their audience

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