How To Choose The Right Business Structure

Understand the Different Options Before You Decide

Course Description

Many entrepreneurs go straight to thinking about what to name their business because it’s an exciting thing to do. But do you fully understand what those letters after the business name mean? What’s a sole proprietorship versus a partnership versus a corporation? These are business structures available to you, and you need to decide which option makes the most sense for your business and your situation.

In this course you will learn how to consider your current business needs and balance them with cost and your own risk tolerance. Your decision can impact your legal liability, taxation, name protection, and more. Even if you already have access to professional advice, it pays to understand these options and do some pre-thinking before making your final decision.

What Will I Learn?

  • Types of business structures and how they differ

  • Questions to consider when choosing between business structures

  • How they compare when it comes to liability protection, name protection, costs, pros and cons, etc.

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