Preventing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Course Description

While many employers have made great strides, bullying and harassment remains an issue in many Canadian workplaces. If it isn’t addressed, it can have serious consequences for the victim and the entire work environment. Creating a bullying and harassment prevention program is an effective and simple way to stop the issue from occurring.

Join us for this FREE e-course and understand your responsibilities as an employer and employee to prevent bullying from occurring. You’ll discover what workplace bullying can entail, alongside details on creating a bullying and harassment prevention program. Finally, we’ll cover how to create and manage a workplace that’s healthy and respectful for all.

What Will I Learn?

  • Describe what bullying and harassment is and recognize it in its various forms

  • Provide examples of psychological and physiological symptoms victims of bullying and harassment can experience

  • Illustrate how bullying and harassment can create an unhealthy workplace

  • Develop and implement a bullying and harassment prevention program in the workplace

  • Carry out bullying and harassment training for workers and supervisors annually

  • Employers – use the prescribed procedures and investigate whether bullying and harassment has occurred

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