3 Reasons Why Having a Mentor Can Make All The Difference

Mentorship matters. Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs have credited their success in part to their mentors and as small business owner, it’s important to understand the value behind having […]

How To Be An Inspiring Mentor Who Changes Lives

Have you ever had a life changing moment when someone did or said something that completely changed your perception about life? I had one a couple of years ago while […]

3 Things That Set Apart Successful People From the Rest

Anyone who’s ever owned their own business knows that it requires you to be on all of the time. You’re constantly thinking of ways to improve your business, busy looking over your shoulder trying to stay one step ahead of the competition and trying to ensure you can keep the lights on at the end of the month.

Four Ways To Find A Small Business Mentor

Everything changed for me when I accidentally stumbled upon my first mentor, my fabulous manager at an online magazine. That’s when it clicked. I realized mentorship can happen organically and it’s easily attainable if you know where to look and what you are looking for.

Exemplify Leadership by Modelling Good Behaviour

Leadership is vital in creating a culture that inspires workers to higher levels of health and safety. Seeing the boss do the right thing sets the tone and encourages others to follow. Model sloppy practices and unsafe behaviour as a leader and you will undoubtedly suffer the consequences.

Three Famous Billionaire Entrepreneurs and their Mentors

According to Richard Branson, a large reason entrepreneurs don’t get mentors is because they feel it is a sign of weakness, but this is a big misconception. Entrepreneurs with mentors show that they are willing to learn, open to different perspectives and adaptable to change.

Are you an Introverted, Extroverted or Ambiverted Leader?

Society often paints quite a humorous yet incorrect picture of introverts and extroverts. With these misconceptions in place, it is understandable why many believe extroverts would make better business leaders. However a recent Ted Talk by Susan Cain discusses the power of introversion.

Leading by Example: Accountability & Excellence

What makes a leader great? Most people would answer vision, drive, people skills, and the ability to communicate. While they are all valid requirements, what makes a leader great is […]

How Women Network Differently Than Men

“Being the boss anywhere is lonely. Being a female boss in a world of mostly men is especially so.”- Robert Frost.   Women networking events are commonplace these days. Women […]