Are you an Introverted, Extroverted or Ambiverted Leader?

Society often paints quite a humorous yet incorrect picture of introverts and extroverts. With these misconceptions in place, it is understandable why many believe extroverts would make better business leaders. However a recent Ted Talk by Susan Cain discusses the power of introversion.

Leading by Example: Accountability & Excellence

What makes a leader great? Most people would answer vision, drive, people skills, and the ability to communicate. While they are all valid requirements, what makes a leader great is […]

How Women Network Differently Than Men

“Being the boss anywhere is lonely. Being a female boss in a world of mostly men is especially so.”- Robert Frost.   Women networking events are commonplace these days. Women […]

The Legal Jungle of Workplace Mental Health

Managing mental health issues in the workplace can feel like walking through a jungle. Not understanding your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer is like walking through that same […]

Personality: Sometimes It is Personal

Your personality is a strong influence on how you interact with others. Basically, your personality affects your communication style, which affects how other people perceive you. Whether you want to project a certain image, or it just happens naturally, a knowledge of your own style can be illuminating.

The Key to Success for Workplace Wellness Programs

One of the most important elements of a workplace wellness program has little to do with program itself, it’s buy-in from the management team. Use these simple strategies to show top-level support and increase employee participation in your workplace wellness efforts.

5 Tips for Engaging Your Employees in Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness programs can help reduce sick leave and boost employee morale and productivity. But how do find ways to engage employees and encourage participation in wellness activities?

What Will you do to Make your Workplace Healthier in 2013?

Have you considered making healthy New Year’s resolutions for your business? Why not make 2013 the year you commit to making changes that will lead to healthier, happier and more productive employees?