5 Reasons to Shop Local

It’s so easy to open up a laptop and shop at Amazon, but Amazon isn’t the business that’s doing good in your community. That money isn’t staying within your community. […]

Meet Teara Fraser, Iskwew Air

While she may not wear a cape, Teara Fraser fits plenty of the criteria for a modern superhero. As founder and CEO of Iskwew Air, she regularly takes to […]

Hear from Jill Van Gyn on her Startup Journey with Fatso

You’ve probably seen Fatso at your local grocery store. This locally made peanut butter brand is rapidly growing across North America. Jill Van Gyn is the woman behind the peanut […]

The Importance of Land Acknowledgements

The Important of Land Acknowledgements You have likely attended an event or function where there was a land acknowledgement made, a moment of recognition for the land you are currently […]

The Cost Benefit of Truly Accessible Design

Assessing the Cost/Benefit of becoming Accessible-Friendly Accessible Design, also known as Barrier-Free design, creates inclusion, and inclusion creates opportunities for all to participate in, and enjoy, the services and products […]

Meet Dina Lu, Dina Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. It’s an art form that has been around for thousands of years, providing a wonderful hobby that can be used to craft memorable […]