COVID-19: Managing and Pivoting During a Time of Crisis

The immediate impacts of COVID-19 are being felt by businesses across British Columbia. During this time, it’s OK to feel overwhelmed and it’s OK to feel anxious. It’s even normal […]

Road Safety at Work

Work-related motor vehicle incidents (MVI) continue to be the leading cause of traumatic workplace fatalities, accounting for 38 per cent of traumatic work-related deaths in B.C in 2018. That is […]

2020 Business Trends to Watch

2020 is here, ushering in a decade brimming with potential for small business owners. Whether your focus is local, provincial or national, we live in a changing (and challenging) landscape […]

Small Business Health & Safety – What You Need to Know

Small businesses in B.C. employ over 1.1 million people and, according to the Government of British Columbia’s Small Business Profile 2022, account for 43 percent of all workers in the […]

The Best Business Books for Starting a Business

What do Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Mark Cuban have in common? Apart from their entrepreneurial prowess and devotion to philanthropy, the three are known for their love of reading […]

Prepared BC: Emergency Plan for Small Businesses

This resource is designed to help small business owners plan and prepare for emergencies that could interrupt operations. Use this template as a starting point and add to it as needed. One simple step today can make a difference in how effectively your business responds to and recovers from a disaster.