SBBC Launches On-Demand E-Learning Courses

Small Business BC is excited to announce the launch of on-demand, E-Learning education. These courses, which are entirely self-directed, are designed to provide additional flexibility and convenience for our community, while enabling broader access to our education.

For years, we’ve serviced our community with business education delivered in-person through live seminars, or online via webinar. We believe the introduction of E-Learning, alongside our continuing range of business seminars/webinars, helps to align our services with the hectic pace and challenges of running a business.

We understand that business owners are busy with the day-to-day of entrepreneurial life, and sessions offered during the standard work day can be difficult to accommodate. Our range of on-demand E-Learning solves this problem, delivering courses in easily digestible lessons that can be taken on a schedule that works for our community.

How Our E-Learning Courses Work

Our self-directed E-Learning courses are available anytime, anywhere. Each on-demand course consists of bite-sized topics filled with features like readings, handouts, videos and quizzes. A key difference between E-Learning and our live webinars is that our courses are available for one full year after registration, meaning the course material can be reviewed multiple times as you progress through the entrepreneurial journey.

No matter the topic, participants in our E-Learning courses will enjoy the following benefits when they attend:

  • Flexible Learning – Self-directed learning, available 24/7. Learn at your own pace and on your own terms, where you want and when you want.
  • Engaging Content – Interactive, multimedia content designed to put your learning into practice immediately.
  • Focused Topics – Courses are broken into focused topics that organize all the information you need to learn into bite-sized pieces.
  • Time Efficient – Complete each course in as little as one hour and move on to the next big (or little) thing.

Courses Available at Launch

Over the coming months, we plan to deliver a growing range of on-demand education covering every aspect of the entrepreneurial journey. For now, we’re excited to launch with eight courses that encompass some critically important business topics. These courses are as follows:

How to Choose a Business Structure

Many entrepreneurs go straight to thinking about what to name their business because it’s an exciting thing to do. But do you fully understand what those letters after the business name mean? What’s a sole proprietorship versus a partnership versus a corporation? In this course you will learn how to consider your current business needs and balance them with cost and your own risk tolerance. Your decision can impact your legal liability, taxation, name protection, and more.

Export Essentials

Delivered in partnership with Export Navigator

This free course will provide an overview of the export process, explaining key concepts and outlining the steps you should take to grow your business beyond BC. Whether your business is just getting started or already fully established, Export Essentials is here to guide your export journey.

WorkSafeBC Series

Learn the basics needed to create a comprehensive health and safety plan in the workplace with these six free e-courses delivered in partnership with WorkSafeBC.