Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Course Description

According to Statistics Canada, ther are approximately 350,000 reported cases of workplace violence in Canada each year. Workplace violence can take a significant toll on the physical and psychological health and safety of workers. Each of us in the workplace, whether we are workers, supervisors or employers, have a responsibility to prevent these incidents from occurring.

This FREE e-course provides helpful, simple to understand information for employers and workers on how to avoid violent situations. Join us and learn how to recognize various forms of workplace violence, how to avoid violent situations, and how to prevent future incidents from occurring.

What Will I Learn?

  • Describe what workplace violence is and recognize it in its various forms

  • Identify the risk factors that increase the chance of workplace violence

  • List the steps to create a violence prevention program to reduce risks of workplace violence

  • Describe what domestic violence is and recognize its different forms

  • Explain how domestic violence affects workers’ performance at work

  • Utilize strategies to talk to the victim about domestic violence

  • Differentiate between an immediate and non-immediate threat and apply the correct actions for each situation

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