20 Questions to Help Find the Best Location for Your Business

If you’re preparing to open a food or retail business, choosing a location may be your most important decision. After all, how will you get customers through the door if they can’t see or find your business? 

To help you with this decision, here are 20 questions you should ask about potential locations to ensure you pick the best one for you.

Finding the Best Location for Your Business

  1. Is the building located in an area zoned for your type of business?
  2. Is the space large enough? Does it have room for your retail, office, storage, or workroom space?
  3. Does it meet your layout requirements? Can you fit essential equipment, shelving, or furniture into the space?
  4. Does the building need any repairs? How old is it? Will anything need to be upgraded now or in the near future?
  5. Do the existing utilities, such as lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation, meet your needs? Will you have to do any rewiring or plumbing work? 
  6. Are the lease terms and rent favourable? Is it realistically affordable, or are you stretching your budget? Does the term fit in with your business plan?
  7. Can you find qualified employees in the surrounding area?
  8. Do people you want as customers live nearby? Is the population density sufficient for your sales needs?
  9. Is the location heavily dependent on seasonal business?
  10. Is the building consistent with the image you want to maintain?
  11. Is it located in a safe neighbourhood with a low crime rate?
  12. Will crime insurance be costly if it’s in an “up and coming” area?
  13. Is exterior lighting adequate to attract evening shoppers and make them feel safe?
  14. Are neighbouring businesses likely to attract customers who will also support your business?
  15. Are there any competitors located close by? If so, can you compete with them successfully?
  16. Is the building easily accessible to potential customers? Is it wheelchair accessible?
  17. Is parking available and adequate?
  18. Does public transportation serve the area?
  19. Can suppliers conveniently make deliveries to this location? Does it have a back entrance, or will they have to come through the front door?
  20. If your business expands in the future, will the space accommodate this growth?

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