Spotlight on Queen’s Academy: Nurturing Creativity Through Performing Arts

Queen’s Academy of the Arts is a musical theatre program that helps kids develop vital life skills through fun performing arts classes. Operating throughout Burnaby and Coquitlam, they offer after-school programs, weekly classes, music lessons, summer camps, and more. From cultivating confidence and teamwork to social skills and empathy, they foster a love for performing arts within their students.

Queen Alexis, the Founder and Director of Queen’s Academy, connected with Small Business BC to share the power of performing arts and how she’s created a fun, enriching program with a firm commitment to accessibility.

Children performing with Queen's Academy.

Value-Driven Entrepreneurship

Queen’s Academy of The Arts has been in business for over three years, but Queen has been involved in performing arts for most of her life. Through these experiences, she saw the value of musical theatre and the vital skills it teaches. Fuelled by the desire to share her passion, she embarked on the adventure of opening a small business.

She explained how being a Black woman entrepreneur has affected her story. “My journey has required perseverance,” she said. Despite facing systemic barriers, grappling with stereotypes, and confronting financial challenges, her passion for musical theatre and commitment to accessibility shine through.

“Our approach at Queen’s Academy is to create a supportive environment that encourages self-expression, risk-taking, exploration, and, above all, fun,” she said. As an LGBTQ+-friendly business, they also strive to ensure all children and families feel welcome. They create spaces where everyone feels valued and celebrated through different program teachings such as dance, storytelling, art, music, and more. Since opening, over 500 children have benefited from their classes.

Overcoming Obstacles

“Growing up, my family struggled to afford extracurricular classes,” Queen explained. So when it came time to start her business, she was determined to create a more budget-friendly program. “I want every child to access our enriching programs, irrespective of financial constraints,” she said. 

Queen’s Academy stands out by intentionally charging less than competitors. In alignment with their commitment to accessibility, they also provide sliding scale requests and partial sponsorships. 

They are dedicated to inclusivity despite their limited resources as a small business. Seeking grant opportunities is one way they ensure they can meet the diverse needs of children in their community. In doing so, Queen’s Academy illuminates a path toward a more inclusive and accessible world of performing arts for the children they work with.

On Having the Best Job Ever

Queen Alexis, founder of Queen's Academy of the Arts.

Passion is at the heart of any small business. For Queen, the most rewarding part of her job is seeing the growth and development of her students. She loves watching them gain more confidence and have fun. 

Queen especially likes performance day, when her students share what they’ve learned with their families. “Being part of these moments is a privilege, and I genuinely believe I have the best job ever,” she explained.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

Queen’s passion for musical theatre and working with children have fueled her small business journey. Her advice for young people considering entrepreneurship is to have determination, grit, passion, and the belief that you’ll make a difference. Queen said, “You’re not alone, there’s a community of entrepreneurs cheering you on, including me. You’ve got this.”

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