How to Help Employees Avoid Healthy Eating Hazards at Work

It is over a month into New Year’s Resolutions now, many of which involve a commitment to eating healthier.

It can often be a challenge avoiding the healthy eating hazards at work – the cookies in the lunch room, the fast food place around the corner, or the candy stash at a coworker’s desk. 

Try the following easy, low cost tips to help make your workplace an environment that supports, instead of sabotages your employees’ commitment to healthy eating:

Post information about the importance of healthy eating on bulletin boards. Download information and handouts from the “Educate” section of the healthy eating module on the WellnessFits website

Include information on healthy eating in short articles for internal newsletters, staff emails or paycheque inserts. 

Use email or the company intranet as a way for staff to share healthy recipes or offer tips on healthy eating. 

Post a list of nearby restaurants that offer healthy food choices. Check out Informed Dining at

Have a dedicated area for displaying information, pamphlets or videos about healthy eating. 

Provide opportunities for employees to meet with qualified nutritionists or registered dietitians to learn about setting personal healthy eating goals. Call 8-1-1 to find a dietitian in BC or find a dietitian online

Promote healthy eating rather than dieting in the workplace. Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods every day and being mindful of how much and how often we eat. 

Organize Lunch ’n’ Learn sessions on healthy eating. Ask your employees about what topics they would be interested in.

Look out for national or provincial theme weeks and promote them. For example, March is Nutrition Month.

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