5 Ways ChatGPT Can Boost Your Small Business Marketing

Unless you’ve been entirely disconnected from the internet these past few months you’ve likely heard the buzz about ChatGPT. This powerful artificial intelligence may still be in its infancy, but it’s already found some fascinating use cases around the world. For starters, it’s helped a Vancouver Island brewery come up with a new beer, and it’s also been responsible for a boom in self-published books online.

If you’re a small business owner looking to improve the quality and efficiency of your marketing, ChatGPT can be a powerful tool in your locker. The best part? It’s easy to learn and free to use.

How ChatGPT Works

The best way to understand ChatGPT is to play around with its simple interface. To start, visit the ChatGPT website, create an account, and familiarize yourself with inputting prompts. Your experience with the tool is entirely based upon the inputs you give it. In other words, the only limit when using ChatGPT is your own imagination. The more creative and targeted your prompts, the higher quality of the output.

How might this look in real life? If you run an accounting business and you’re struggling with content ideas for your blog, you could ask ChatGPT to create a content calendar for you. You can also ask it to create social media hashtag sets for your business, or even write email marketing copy tailored toward a specific audience.

As the software continues to be refined and improved, these use cases will increase in quality and complexity. We are only scratching the surface of artificial intelligence, but it can already be a massive help to your small business marketing.

Five Ways ChatGPT Can Improve Your Small Business Marketing

Generating New Content Ideas

Ask any writer or marketer – coming up with new content ideas can often be the hardest part of the creative process. Not anymore. A great use for ChatGPT is the generation of unique and relevant content ideas for your blog or social media channels. The software bases its research on important factors like the business’s niche, target audience, and wider business trends.

Creating High-Quality Content

When the Victoria-based brewery mentioned in our intro first interacted with ChatGPT, their goal was to get the software to write product descriptions and social media captions. ChatGPT can produce high-quality copy that’s fit to use across all communication channels. It’s important to note, that while ChatGPT can write these things for you, it can’t flawlessly adopt a style guide. We recommend just using it for inspiration and writing the content yourself.

Personalizing Content

Looking to conduct some A/B research in your email marketing? ChatGPT is a powerful tool for personalizing your content based on the parameters you set. Simply prompt the tool to write content tailored at a specific audience and it will analyze data like search history, browsing behaviour, and social media activity before providing a response.

Improvements to Search Engine Optimization

It’s also great for helping with SEO. Optimize your content by asking the tool to suggest relevant keywords, titles, and meta descriptions for your pages. As we mentioned in our intro, you can extend this idea to social media hashtag sets that will help your business get found online.

Social Media Marketing

ChatGPT can provide guidance on how to optimize your social media profiles, create engaging content, and even devise a social media calendar for your business. Label your prompts with the social media channel you want to target, and the software will output captions tailored specifically to that platform.

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