The Essence of Entrepreneurship: Insights from Jeff Pinder, CEO of Burst

Are you a creative with an entrepreneurial spark? Meet Jeff Pinder, CEO and Founder of Burst Creative Group. Jeff is a life-long creative with an interest in technology and a background in fine arts and design. His Metro Vancouver-based agency has been in business for 14 years. and SBBC sat down with him to learn more about entrepreneurship and building a thriving small business.

Small business, big heart

Burst is a small, diverse agency, and clients choose to work with them instead of a larger agency because they get to know the people they work with, from the CEO to the designers.

Burst’s clients “get a real organic, inside view of the project, and you’re developing that relationship with everybody, which is nice,” said Jeff. “You get to know the staff one-on-one. You’re not just a commodity, you get a real hands-on approach.”

This approach makes clients feel like they’re part of a team and their voices are being heard. “People  want to work with people … and people buy the idea of the brand, culture and ethos and what you’re about,” said Jeff.

Entrepreneur mindset

For Jeff, the spark that makes a good entrepreneur is ephemeral. “Even though you may have all the tools, you may possess the degree… there’s something in the psyche that isn’t tangible, but it’s something that you need to be an entrepreneur,” he said.

“You think tomorrow is gonna be better, or something around the corner will be different than what it is today. And that cannot necessarily be taught in school – It’s a personality.”

Something that helps is having good people by your side, but for Jeff, being a business owner can be a solitary pursuit. “I’ve always thought I’ve been on an island by myself, like many other entrepreneurs,” he said.

“We would try to go to a networking event and connect with the odd person and have a little bit of a conversation, but the day-to-day grind is you’re left with yourself in the abyss, and your true character is formed under all that pressure.”


According to Jeff, being a business owner is a continual process of learning and course correcting where needed – and swiftly. “As a small boutique, scrappy agency, we are able to be very nimble and have provided dexterity and pivoting and doing what we need to do to adjust. And I find with some of the larger agencies … it’s a bit more challenging,” said Jeff.

His company is light on its toes, but Jeff sees more growth on the horizon. “We’re foreseeing that we will scale up and be larger,  but I want to keep that small mentality where we won’t lose connection with our clients,” he said. “I don’t ever want to lose that or dilute it at all.”

Future growth

“What I think would be advantageous for a company, especially a company of our size and maturity, is funding that allows you to scale and level up,” said Jeff. He says that there are tons of resources available to help folks start a business in BC, but there’s a gap in support for companies that want to grow.

“I find a lot of businesses are in a position where they can go into deeper waters and become bigger and greater…but you need the right equipment, maybe a bigger office, basically more overhead and an injection of cash,” he said.

More funding opportunities and resources to connect to funding would help businesses like Burst scale up and make their dreams bigger. “All we need is that little soft, small mustard seed of hope. You keep moving, and 14 years later, we’re still here strong,” said Jeff.

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