5 Reasons Shopping Local is Important

Across British Columbia, small businesses form the backbone of our communities. They are neighbours helping neighbours, friends providing valuable community services. Without them, our towns and villages would lose their unique charm.

It’s often referenced that for every $100 we spend at a local small business, approximately $70 stays within our local economy. This money supports local employment and benefits our communities in several tangible ways. Your dollars have so much power to do good. Next time you’re shopping, consider spending at local small businesses. Your community will reap the rewards. Here are 5 benefits of shopping local.

5 Benefits of Shopping Local

Improve Your Local Economy

Shopping locally ensures that most of your money remains within your local economy. Supporting these businesses also works to support the local economy in another, less obvious manner. The more successful local businesses are, the stronger the tax base in your community. This means more money for public services like schools, transportation, and recreation.

Personalized Service

Each small business owner has poured countless hours of effort into growing their business. When you shop with them it’s a powerful validation of this effort, and they’re going to go the extra mile to ensure you return. The smaller size of local businesses allows them to devote extra time to each customer. They care about you and are invested in playing their part in the wellbeing of their local community.

Find Unique Products

When you shop at a large chain store, the products you buy are likely uniform across Canada. Local businesses carry unique products and services you won’t find anywhere else. These products are stocked based on the interest and needs of the local community the business serves. Often, these products are created by local artists, makers, or other small businesses.

Higher Quality Products

Whether it’s a farmer’s market or local grocery store, the produce and food on sale locally will be more wholesome and nutritious than a big box store. When possible, it will have been sourced locally. And, in a lot of cases, it will even be organic.

A Healthier Way to Shop

We’re all looking for ways to get our steps in each day, right? You are far more likely to walk to your local shops than a larger chain store. Not only is it healthier for your body, it’s also healthier for the environment.

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