5 Reasons Why Hiring Seasonal Employees Suit Small Businesses

The days are getting longer and the nights shorter. Alice Cooper may have said it best when he sang, “No more pencils, no more books. School’s out for the summer.” And with summer comes students across the province looking for work as seasonal employees.

This is where you as a small business owner comes in. Students looking for work as seasonal employees can create a number of unique opportunities that can and should be taken advantage of.

Read these five reasons why hiring seasonal employees could be the perfect solution for your summer staff.

1. Temporary Help, Long-Term Opportunity

While seasonal employees are great to relieve times of high traffic, such as the summer months, hiring a temporary employee can also lead to employing them the following year, or even keeping them on during slower times. Hiring for a great fit is a win-win for both you and your employee because it opens up an opportunity for your team, and your seasonal worker, to grow.

2. Youthful Exuberance

While experience is always beneficial, there is something to be said about the power of youth. The fact is, most students are just waiting for an employer to give them a chance. It’s why their eyes light up and a nervous grin dances across their mouth when they drop off their job applications.

Hiring a student during the summer means that you’re likely to get someone willing to work hard learn about your business. If you have a tight overhead to deal with and a small staff, hiring a seasonal employee for a few months might be exactly the thing you need to get through the busy season.

3. Fill the Gap

Seasonal employees are also a great resource for filling temporary staff shortages. If you have a long-term employee going on maternity leave or simply taking extended time off, it doesn’t makes sense to hire a long-term replacement. If you’re a small business owner constantly keeping your eye on the balance sheets, going the seasonal route can be a financially sound decision.

It’s a three or four month commitment, which translates into you gaining highly flexible and reactive employee. At the end of this short time frame, it’s up to you if you want to make it longer. Either way, you solved your temporary staffing challenging, and the student gained valuable work experience.

4. Sourcing Talent

Even small businesses recruit great employees. And why not? Looking for the best person for the job is a sensible business decision. If your business is expanding and you know you’re going to have to hire a long-term employee eventually, why not source your talent by hiring seasonal employees? Trying someone out for a few months is a great way to gauge if they’re right for your business.

5. Diversify

Hiring for a temporary position also means that there are opportunities for you to think creatively about your business. Hiring someone for seasonal work gives you the freedom and flexibility to find someone who may be a bit different than what you’d normally look for.

Instead of hiring an industry veteran, try hiring an academic or an international student. Their presence might provide you and your team with a different perspective, which may just be what your small business needs.

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