Make Your Canadian Business Stand Out with .CA

Small business owners already know the importance of having an online presence. After all, it’s how you expand your customer base in the shortest amount of time. But are you reaching the right people at the right time? Enter .ca domains – the domain extension that is specifically for Canadian […]

Decoding IT and Web Jargon

As small business owner you wear many hats. Which means learning about tasks, programs and processes, you have likely never encountered before. One of these new areas is likely IT and web. After all there are very few companies who do not use computers or have a web presence. But […]

Digital Prescription For Your Small Business: SEO, SEM and Social Media

You know that you need to participate in digital marketing. You’ve heard all of the buzzwords about how it’s an essential investment that needs to be made. You know that it has something to do with engaging in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), participating in social […]

How to Find a Web Designer or Web Developer

The average small business does not know how to find a web designer or web developer. However, with some initial planning and careful preparation, you will be able to find a web development professional to meet your business needs.