How to Give a Great Interview

How hard can it be, really, sitting down and doing an interview with a reporter? They ask you questions, you answer them. Simple, right? But nerves can often get the better of you. Here are our tips to look polished and in control.

How to Respond When a Reporter Calls

You can spend a lot of time on the phone calling and pitching to the press on stories you want them to cover. But news coverage is a two-way street. Reporters are just as likely to call you about something they’re working on. So what do you do when the phone rings?

Earned Media Techniques for Small Businesses

Earned media can be extremely powerful as it is perceived as third party validation for your business. So how can you get this working for you? Here are a few techniques to get you started.

Overcoming Stage Fright

Most performers, no matter how experienced or talented, will tell you that they feel stage fright, on occasion. But even though performance nerves are common, it doesn’t mean they are pleasant, or easy to overcome.

How to Gain Media Coverage for your Small Business

Earning positive media coverage for your small business can be one of the most effective ways to publicize your business. However, landing these media stories takes planning, research and time.