7 Dos and Don’ts of Financing Your Small Business

Financing is often cited as the most challenging part of starting or growing a small business. Although there are many opportunities for loans, investment and financing available to entrepreneurs, pitching to gain that funding, at the right time with the right resources can often feel like a monumental task. So […]

Why Your Personal Credit Rating Matters When You Start a Business

A credit report tells a story, and the numbers on your credit report can be the difference between obtaining the financing you need to start your business or being turned down, and also determine what interest rate you’ll pay.

How to Get a Yes from an Investor

Programs like Dragons’ Den and The Big Decision are putting the spotlight on how businesses look for investors and financing. But are we learning enough from the five-minute pitches that Arlene Dickinson hears each week on the CBC?

Futurpreneur Increases Age Limit to 18-39

Have you heard the news? Futurpreneur has increased its age limit by 5 years, to 39. This change represents the organizations first adjustment to the program to help better serve aspiring entrepreneurs.

Canada Small Business Financing Program

The Canada Small Business Financing Program has been working to increase the availability of loans for small businesses for 50 years. Need financial help starting a business or want to make some business improvements? Find out how this program could help.