Client Story

Meet Lindsay Viscount, Longevity Graphics

In 2001, Lindsay Viscount was attending design school when she began to use her skills to build websites for clients on a freelance basis. Seeing great results from her work, Lindsay founded Longevity Graphics, a business that has grown over the years to become a full-service web design and internet marketing agency. This is the story of how the business became such a runaway hit.

Longevity Graphics Explained

For a growing business, an impressive website isn’t just recommended, it’s a must. Smart web design can give you an edge over the competition, leaving a lasting first impression that translates into increased sales. This is a foundational business principle that Longevity has turned into its recipe for success.

“Longevity Graphics specializes in web design and internet marketing for local businesses within the construction, trades and professional services industries,” Lindsay explained.

“We implement proven strategies that will get our clients’ websites found online. As a result, they increase conversions and gain liberty in being a business owner. We work with each client on an individual basis to ensure we are helping them achieve their specific goals within their budget.

“By helping clients clearly identify and set goals, it helps us track our progress and effectively show the impact online marketing can have on a business.”

Spotting the Gap

With her skills as a designer helping her to secure clients, Lindsay set out to add further arrows to her quiver. Search Engine Optimization was rapidly growing in popularity, and it was a field Longevity quickly moved into. The result? The creation of the modern, full-service agency that exists today.

“Building websites is only the first part of it. What is the purpose of building a site if nobody can find it? said Lindsay.

“I began to learn about Search Engine Optimization and began building sites that could be found by Google. This principle lives on today in how we build websites. We have also added further services including paid ads, social media and much more. Simply put, if you can dream it online, we can help you build it. As we grew, I began hiring experts that would help us realize our goals. It’s always been a dream of mine to hire experts in specific aspects of the business and build an environment they would enjoy coming to for work each day.

“The dream and the vision have both come true. Today, Longevity Graphics has 10 staff members who truly love what they do and are experts in their field. We also provide internship and practicum opportunities to local students throughout the year.”

Leaning on Resources

While entrepreneurs are widely known for their ‘do-it-all’ nature, there are plenty of resources available to help them get off the ground. British Columbia is a fantastic place to start a business and Lindsay leveraged some of the available resources to build her network.

“In the early days I was active in BNI (Business Network International) and a Women’s Entrepreneurship Network. Over time, and with the mindset of ‘givers gain,’ I got to know other business owners in the community and build lasting relationships. Many of those connections made in the early years through BNI are still clients of Longevity Graphics today.”

Award Winners

In February, Longevity Graphics were crowned “Best Marketer” at the 16th Annual Small Business BC Awards. Their innovative approach to marketing and impressive results convinced our judges they were worthy of the crown. Months later, how has the award impacted on their business?

“Being named Best Marketer by SBBC is one of our greatest successes to date,” Lindsay revealed.

“Gaining recognition from other businesses across the province has been amazing. Our clients have also recognized the work and our efforts, so it has helped us re-establish our expertise with them. We are receiving new referrals and our referral partners are letting their clients know about our new award, which has been great.

“Our goal is to continue growing within our community and across the province. We really want to focus on enhancing our team and achieving liberty for our clients.”