Client Story

Appnovation Technologies Inc.

Owner: Arnold Leung
Location:  Vancouver, BC

The Business

Vancouver, BC’s Appnovation Technologies Inc. is an interactive agency specializing in developing websites and software using the Drupal, Alfresco and iPhone platforms.

The company creates high traffic and smaller corporate websites, intranets, publishing systems, recording artist promotion applications, consumer applications and information tools.

The Founder

Appnovation CEO Arnold Leung founded the company directly after graduating from the Commerce Program at the University of British Columbia.  While at UBC, he took an entrepreneurship course where he learned everything he needed to know about starting a company.

Leung is on the board of the Vancouver Enterprise Forum and a member of the Entrepreneurship Organization. He was also recently named one of Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40.

The Small Business BC Connection

Small Business BC provided information that was extremely helpful to Leung when he was starting Appnovation.  Particularly, he found valuable information on incorporation and tax filing processes on the Small Business BC website, which came in handy when the company hired its first employee.

Appnovation Technologies Inc. is a 2010 Successful You Awards nominee for Best Company.

Entrepreneurial Advice

For other entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business, Arnold advises that focusing on a niche market rather than a mass market is a wise move.  Young companies often have limited marketing and sales resources, so while it is tempting to try to reach a large market, it is rarely possible for smaller companies to be able to compete.  Instead, choose your niche, and expand from there.