Tourism Ads & Brochures that Sell

Programs & Publications

Ads & Brochures that Sellwritten by Destination British Columbia, focuses on two important business tools—brochures and print ads.

When operating a tourism business, one of the most important elements of a marketing plan should be how to attract new customers and encourage repeat visitors. Ads and brochures should form two components of this integrated promotional strategy.

The Tourism Ads & Brochures that Sell guide will take you through how to:

  • Write an overall marketing plan
  • Create a creative brief and provide samples of what one should look like
  • Use layouts that work
  • Write convincing content
  • Handle the production process
  • Select the right distribution channels
  • Choosing the right publications for promotion
  • Measure the success of your campaign

Whether you are creating promotional material yourself or working with a supplier, this guide will help you understand how to create compelling, attractive promotional material, and how to avoid common mistakes along the way. Download the Ads and Brochures that Sell guide today and start promoting your tourism business effectively.