Nadeem Sahib

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Importing is subject to multipart processes and regulations that tie-up resources that potentially create risk of delays and penalties for importers and exporters. UPS Canada, Customs Brokerage Operations Branch Manager, Nadeem Sahib, specializes in a customs entries and compliance services to help keep your business’ supply chain operating smoothly with minimal risk of delays and added cost.

Nadeem’s expertise will help:

  • Provide an holistic view of customs process for imports into Canada
  • Help facilitate brokerage account setup process
  • Educate customers on the documentation required for Canadian imports for customs purposes
  • Provide a holistic view Describe the role of a Customs Broker
  • Help determine if Other Government departments such as CFIA, Natural Resources, Transport Canada, Health Canada will be involved
  • Provide opinions on Customs Tariff (classification), duty and GST payment process based on products being imported
  • Help engage customers with Consulting, TMS & Compliance teams where necessary
  • Dedicated teams with 24/7 coverage for Customs Brokerage across all Canadian ports
  • Provide explanations on Customs import regulations.