Julia Vorontsova


Julia Vorontsova is the founder of Kakadu Media and an SEO expert with over seven years' experience in the marketing industry. She has worked on projects in both China and Canada for small to medium-sized businesses. She has an MA from UBC in cognitive science and Asian studies and has researched conceptual metaphors, focusing on their use in successful national and international advertising. She is fluent in four languages, including Mandarin and Ukrainian, and is passionate about advertising and environmental sustainability. She has learned video SEO from top industry experts in California and was awarded the Local Video Marketer competition prize as the most improved local video marketer in 2015.

Julia's vision is to help business owners achieve their dreams by offering exceptional expertise and value in online video marketing.

Contact Julia today at showoff@kakadu-media.ca or call 604-379-7646, or visit her website, Youtube channel and Facebook page.