5 Reasons Why You Should Do A Business Plan Review

Every entrepreneur understands the value of a well-crafted business plan. It’s an invaluable roadmap for launching your business, and something you’ll use to impress banks and investors. The ideal business plan should be short and concise, but you can become so invested in the process that it can be […]

Chase your Dreams, Not Late Payments: Strategies for Getting Paid in 2018 and Beyond

In today’s digital world, technology has made it easy for customers to pay for purchases almost instantly; but for some SMBs (small and medium businesses), late payments provide a frustrating experience. Businesses rely on a steady flow of cash to build a profitable and sustainable business. If payments are late, […]

Improving Your Small Business Project Management in 2018

It’s that time of year.  Sleigh bells receding in the distance, darkness shrouding your morning and evening commutes, and we can’t help but reflect and take stock of what has transpired and dream of what will become. As a small business owner, new goals and objectives begin to take shape.  […]

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help your Small Business

Entrepreneurs start their ventures with bold visions and big plans. However, it’s all too easy to get bogged down by the mundane tasks involved in building a business empire. No matter the industry, every company has these critical tasks that can’t be ignored, and ultimately keep entrepreneurs from the work […]

Identifying Business Ideas and Market Trends in BC for 2018 and Beyond

Understanding what the market trends are, and how you can use this information to generate business ideas or new product ideas, will keep your business innovating and ahead of competition. There are several shifts coming to the British Columbia business landscape and how you utilize and adapt to them will […]

6 Tips for Writing an Effective Export Plan

Exporting offers almost limitless growth potential for Canadian small business, but before you start prepping your product for foreign shores, you need to craft a written strategic export plan. Exports represent a huge driver of the Canadian economy. In September 2017 alone, exporting amounted for CAD 43.6 billion in […]

Make Your Small Business More Eco-Friendly

Here on the West Coast, we’re known for being one of Canada’s most environmentally conscious provinces, but there’s still plenty of scope for improvement. BC businesses accumulated almost three million tonnes of waste in 2014, an increase of over seven per cent since 2012. Despite access to recycling, composting, […]