More Canadians Turning to a “Side Hustle” to Boost Income

More and more Canadians are turning creative hobbies into side hustles to bolster their income and work on passion projects, according to new research by Vistaprint. The study, which interviewed almost 2,000 Canadians in full-time employment, found 22 per cent had already turned a hobby into a side hustle, […]

Hear from Emily Pearson (Vancity) at INSPIRE

Buy Tickets Have you got your ticket for INSPIRE yet? On October 1 at Science World, Emily Pearson, Vancity’s Community Investment Portfolio Manager will form part of our panel discussion on business’ leadership role in climate action. Ahead of her appearance, we’re profiling the sustainability efforts carried […]

Hear from Gerry Egan (Harbour Air) at INSPIRE

Buy Tickets On October 1 at Science World, Gerry Egan, Harbour Air’s VP of Maintenance Operations will form part of our panel discussion on business’ leadership role in climate action. Ahead of his appearance, we spoke to Gerry about sustainability and how Harbour Air are making a […]

How to Set the Right Example for Young Workers

Between 2014 and 2018 around 18 young workers were injured daily on the job in B.C. But, a proactive approach from employers is trying to turn the tide. It starts by setting the right example for young workers. Work can be intimidating for young people, especially when they’re new to […]

Hear from Brianne Miller (Nada) at INSPIRE

Buy Tickets Of all the things humans excel at, we are prodigiously talented at producing waste. It’s estimated we’ve generated over 10 billion tons of plastic since 1950, with over half of that total no longer in use and not recycled. Having seen the impact of this waste […]

Clean BC: Resources for Small Business

If you’re a small business, the Province of British Columbia’s CleanBC plan offers several ways to save you money and help your business grow in the low-carbon economy.

The Best Business Books for Starting a Business

What do Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Mark Cuban have in common? Well, apart from their entrepreneurial prowess and devotion to philanthropy, the three are known for their love of reading business books. In fact, Buffet attributes his business acumen in large part to his voracious appetite for page turning: […]