Meet Our New Seminar Speaker Warren Thompson

Small Business BC is delighted to welcome Warren Thompson to our roster of industry expert seminar speakers.

A native of Coquitlam, BC, Warren spent a decade as Director of Marketing and Events at Kintec before striking out on his own and founding Ollo Metrics, a full service digital marketing agency based in Vancouver. He’s also well versed in speaking, teaching digital marketing at BrainStation.

A Shared Experience

Like many of the clients we see at Small Business BC, Warren realized he wanted to be his own boss. He filled in his knowledge gaps with courses and built his brand as a side hustle until it was time to fully take the plunge:

“I used to work as Marketing Director at Kintec: Footwear + Orthotics, a great local company where I built my career. Early during my time at Kintec, we completely rebranded the company. It was my first experience working with an agency and it was a total game changer. I knew then and there that I wanted to run my own marketing agency one day.

“While still working at Kintec, I took online courses and worked on side projects for clients for years, all while building my Kintec marketing team. I wanted to learn as much as possible and get a solid amount of experience before taking ‘the plunge’.

“Eventually, it was time and I took the leap out on my own! It was still a very difficult decision and the first year was full of excitement, uncertainty, and overcoming self-doubt, but now we are working with many amazing clients and growing our team.

“I have to say, starting my agency was the best professional decision I could’ve made, even though I had to leave behind a great team of people that I loved working with.”

What to Expect from Warren’s Seminar

Warren will be joining us to speak on a topic that’s rapidly growing in popularity – how to improve a business’ digital marketing efforts. Covering everything from search engine optimization to widening the sales funnel, he believes attendees will leave empowered to take their digital marketing to new heights.

“Attendees of my seminar can expect to see things in a completely new way! They will learn frameworks for improving their understanding of search engines and their customers’ behaviour. They’ll also get extremely actionable tips, walkthroughs, and checklists so that they can apply the learning to their businesses right away and refer back to the resources when they need to look something up.

“This talk will be very hands-on and practical but force attendees to zoom out and consistently ask how the information can be applied to their specific business.”

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