Maximize the Value of Your Company

Have you maximized the value of your company through a strong business exit or transition strategy?

The majority of business owners often turn a blind eye to their business exit strategy and transition planning as they choose to focus on short-term concerns and issues that they feel need to be dealt with immediately. Not properly planning your exit and transition strategy is one of the worst mistakes an entrepreneur or seasoned business owner can make as they lose out on an opportunity to maximize the value of their company.

As an entrepreneur, you most likely started, invested in, and grew a business to be your own boss, build your personal wealth and contribute to your community. Yet many entrepreneurs still shy away from or neglect something that can help to maximize the value of their company.

Small Business BC is hosting a panel “Sell or Grow Your Business – Ask the Industry Experts” to discuss how small business owners can plan in advance to maximize the value of their company through simple steps such as: cleaning up your books (taxes), empowering your people, making the business presentable and ensuring sustainability.

This expert panel includes Pino L. Bacinello, CBI, CMEA, CSBA, M&AMI and Gabrielle Loren, CGA, who will also help you decide if now is the right time to sell or grow your business and the necessary steps to take to do so.