How to Design for Eye-Catching Sale Banners and Posters

The world is filled with visual clutter, so when it comes to promoting a sale or other business event it’s important to follow a few general rules for good, clean design to make sure you stand out. Whenever you invest in posters, banners and other signage for a sales event you want to make sure it’s money well spent, so here are a few things to consider when designing your promotional materials.

Not Too Big, Not Too Small

Before you start working on any sales sign you have to decide what the most appropriate size will be for its context. If your sign is too small it will be hard to read and difficult to fit in all of your copy, but if it’s too large it may look empty or simply be nuisance to those passing by. When you pick the right size for your sign it will catch a customer’s eye and draw them in. For sidewalk use, choose a sign that’s large enough for people to see it from 100ft away. If you need to catch the attention of people in passing cars you’ll want to consider and even larger size.

Easy on the Eyes, No Clutter Here

One of the most important parts of creating a sign is clean design that’s easy on the eyes. If it’s poorly designed, it won’t be easy to read, and if it’s not easy to read, customers won’t pay attention to it. It’s that simple. Choose large, bold letters for the sign copy and simple, easy to recognize graphics (like a company logo or symbol such as $ or %).

Bright and Contrasting Wins Every Time

Colour selection is key for an eye catching, money making sign. Bright, bold contrasting colors like red and yellow are good choices because they are easy to see at a distance. Use this to your benefit. Of course, you also need to select colours that make sense with your brand – you don’t want confuse your customers.

Naturally Eye Catching

Where you place your sign is just as important as what you put on it. You want to make sure you’re in people’s eye lines—if you’re placing signs in front of your store on a sidewalk, then place them lower as many people have a tendency to glance down as they walk. However, if you’re trying to draw people’s attention from farther away, then you’ll want to hang the signs higher so they’re easier to see. The key to sign and window decal placement is to know where people’s eyes will naturally go.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Unfortunately, a beautifully designed sign won’t win you sales all on its own – you need to include an irresistible offer in it too. Discounts and other promotions will help draw customers in. Also consider offers that will drive multiple sales, such as “bring a friend and save 20%.”

The Longer the Better, the Better the Cheaper

Durable signs will allow you to use them over and over again. By using the same sign over and over again you’ll not only save money when running recurring promotions, but also help build brand recognition. To get the most the out of your signs, consider printing them as high quality vinyl banners.

Done Right

A thoughtfully-designed sign with a well-crafted offer can be the difference between a lackluster sales event and a wildly successful promotion. And with a little attention to detail, it’s easy to turn a few inexpensive signs into huge traffic sources for your business.