Are You Making Time for Education?

Who has time to take courses and seminars when you’re an entrepreneur?

When you first come up with your business idea you are fully immersed in the idea and do not want to come up for air until you have launched your business.

When you are successfully running your business you are too wrapped up with the day to day running’s of the business, that you don’t have time to eat and sleep, let alone take some time for yourself.

Correct?  Well this may be how you feel, however all the talent and motivation in the world may not be enough to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Whether you need advice on the legal structure of your business to enable you to grow quickly and easily; or you are just pushing receipts into a box for later and need to learn the basics of bookkeeping, there is a course out there which can help your business grow.

And the more knowledge you can acquire, the more it can help to run you business effectively.  If you are thinking ‘my experience will be my teacher’ then why not consider learning from someone who has already been there and done that? By taking the time out to attend a business course you are not only providing yourself with an opportunity to learn, but to network with other like minded business owners as well.  Learning with these entrepreneurs will also provide you with the opportunity to find out information that you would not think to ask about, after all you don’t know what you don’t know.

Small Business BC’s education seminars are lead by industry professionals who use their practical experience of running a small business, to educate with a practical approach.  Through attending a seminar you will understand what it takes, realistically to run a business. With over 50 unique seminar titles covering topics like online business, marketing and sales, incorporation, tax and legal, the Education Centre offers information packed seminars and workshops to help start and grow your small business.

In 2010 the Government of Canada and Province of British Columbia enhanced Small Business BC’s ability to deliver education seminars to the rural and smaller communities through a video conference network.  This network, in partnership with Community Futures, Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Enterprise Centre and Small Business Victoria, provides entrepreneurs across BC with access to the information and training that will help them expand and succeed.

International Adult Learners Week (IALW) runs from April 2nd to April 9th across Canada.  IALW has been celebrated in Canada since 2002, to help raise the profile of adult learning throughout Canada.

Want to find out more about Small Business BC’s seminars?  Why not visit the Expert Insights video page to preview the types of tips, tricks and hints you will learn in the seminars.