Access up to $1,000 in free education at SBBC via the Black Business Association of BC

Are you a black entrepreneur looking to start or grow a business in British Columbia? Small Business BC and the Black Business Association of BC have partnered to provide barrier-free access to SBBC’s education and advisory services up to a value of $1,000.

How it Works

As part of the Black Entrepreneurship Program’s National Ecosystem Fund, BBABC members can easily access our comprehensive slate of webinars and skills development training, alongside our one-on-one advisory services. These programs are designed to teach practical skills at every stage of the entrepreneurial process – whether your business is an idea on a napkin, or preparing for a growth phase.

Applying for this awesome opportunity couldn’t be easier. All you must do is register on the Black Business Association website. Once their team has approved your application, you’ll receive a unique code to input at checkout on the SBBC website.

Who is this Program For?

If you’re an entrepreneur with an idea, or you already have your business up and running, no matter what stage, this program is for you. Our partnership with BBABC is designed to eliminate barriers to SBBC services while helping to make entrepreneurship a viable career path for as many individuals as possible.

Services Covered by the Program

Live Webinars

Learn key skills across the entire business spectrum with live webinars presented by experienced small business owners and experts. Get your questions answered, share your experiences, and come away with practical, actionable takeaways that will help you reach your business goals.

On-Demand E-Learning

Entrepreneurs are busy people and may not have time during traditional working hours to devote to education. Our self-directed e-courses are available anytime and anywhere to suit the modern world. These courses feature bite-sized topics and multimedia features including readings, handouts, videos and quizzes. Courses can be reviewed for up to one year so you can reference them as your business grows.

Business Plan Services

If you’re starting a business, you’ll need a business plan. This important document is a roadmap for your future success. Our business plan services will coach you on how to write a successful business plan. If you’re looking to move into a growth phase, our advisors can help you re-visit and optimize your business plan for future success.

Market Research Services

Take the guesswork out of your business decisions with SBBC’s Market Research Services. Provided by our in-house market research analyst, data will help you learn more about your customers while allowing you to develop an effective business strategy.

Import and Export Services

Selling your products and services beyond the borders of BC is simplified with our Import and Export Advisory services. Our experts can provide step-by-step advice on permitting, registering to import/export, and even advise on cultural differences and expectations in your target market.

Talk to an Expert Advisories

Sit down one-on-one with an expert from various business fields and asked tailored questions about your business. Services are available online throughout British Columbia, with experts currently available in small business law and business brokerage.

Apply Now

Interested in accessing barrier free education? If you’re a Black business owner, or entrepreneur, simply visit the BBABC website and complete their intake form to start the process.