Import Advisory

Service Description

So, you want to import commercial goods into Canada? Unsure of where to begin?

There’s a huge range of products that can be imported into Canada, subject to compliance with certain conditions. If your business is looking to grow, importing goods for sale, or raw materials for production, can be a lucrative path to take.

Our International Trade Advisors can help you overcome issues relating to importing. This hour-long consultation is suitable for companies looking to expand an existing import business or start a new one.


  • Tax and duty rates

  • Tariff treatments and Harmonized System (HS) Codes

  • Restrictions, regulations, trade barriers

  • Labelling requirements

  • Means of payment, trade terms

  • Calculating costs of inspections, permits, warehousing

  • Import account set-up and CRA number (optional)

  • Discuss certificates of origin

  • Logistics and Incoterms

  • International Trade Agreements

  • How to work with a customs broker

These 60-minute sessions are booked in advance. You can attend in-person at Small Business BC’s Downtown Vancouver office, or via Skype/phone from anywhere in the province.

  • Price: $89.00
  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Subject: Import/Export
  • Language: English, Italian, Spanish
  • Stage of Business: Start-Up, Growing
This service may be taken in person or by phone
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