Talk to an Accountant

Taxes don’t need to be scary! Book a one-on-one consultation with an accounting professional to ask the specific tax questions related to your business.

Claiming Home Office Expenses

As a home based business in Canada, claiming your home office expenses as a tax deduction is one money saving opportunity you don’t want to miss when filing your taxes this year.

Introducing our New Expert, Entreflow

At Small Business BC, we’re always looking for ways to grow our service offering and deliver our community the education they need to succeed. Matching our education to the challenges […]

The Top 5 Challenges New Small Businesses Face

According to Stats Canada, only 51% of businesses survive beyond their first five years. And all too often, the ones that don’t make it end up shutting their doors for very similar reasons. So how do you keep your small business from becoming the one out of every two that doesn’t succeed?

How to Exit Your Business: The Financial Implications

Whether youre selling your business, transferring it on to family or friends, or closing your business for good, consider these financial implications.

How to Comply with New Laws as You Grow

Youll likely be making more legal decisions as your business matures. Find information on the laws youll need to be aware of as you enter new territory.

Make the Most of Your Profit: Income Splitting and Share Structures

Splitting dividends from your business between you and another member of your household can lower the amount of taxes you pay. But how do you make sure you do it legally, and in a way that leaves you in control of your business?

The 9 Key Players of Succession Planning

For a plan to be successful, the right players need to be involved. With succession planning, this includes a variety of stakeholders from inside and outside the business. Each will […]