Incorporation Kit for British Columbia (Digital Download)

This electronic, downloadable British Columbia Incorporation Kit is intended to help small businesses with the incorporation process after the decision is made to get incorporated.

With this kit you’ll gain valuable knowledge and information about the incorporation process and receive all of the templates you need to properly create your incorporation without legal fees.

You’ll learn about the documents and steps that are required for a valid incorporation and the information you’ll need to know in order to properly complete them.

This Kit also includes template documents that can be used for simple incorporations and sample documents to show you how they look when properly completed.

Included are easy to follow instructions and all the legal forms needed, including essential documents such as applications, incorporation agreements, set of articles, consents to act as a director, subscriptions for shares and share certificates, and the transparency registry; all the legal forms you need with completed samples and templates in WORD format.

Please Note: 
This Kit can serve as a valuable tool for people who want to self-incorporate but should not be treated as a substitute for professional advice. No legal, tax or other professional advice is provided in this Kit. Prior to incorporating you should consider obtaining professional advice from a lawyer and/or an accountant if you haven’t already done so. The law is also constantly subject to change. The information and documents contained in this Kit are up to date with the current status of the law as of the date of your purchase. We take no responsibility and assume no liability to provide you with any updates that may be necessary if the law subsequently changes.

Price: $69.00 + GST
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