Saba Mohebpour


Saba Mohebpour is the CEO and founder of Spocket, an app that connects buyers, retailers and suppliers seamlessly. He is focussed on empowering other online entrepreneurs by solving the trillion dollar inventory distortion problem via the dropshipping model.

Armed with a wide expanse of knowledge about ecommerce and marketplaces that he collected through the years, he is reducing the steps needed to build a reliable online space for selling.

Saba travelled a long way to become a Canadian entrepreneur with a funded start-up. He originally landed in Canada because his family is Baha’i, a religious minority banned from higher education in Iran. He learnt programming midway through his pre-med course and immediately wanted to create something revolutionary. And thus, Spocket was born!

Saba enjoys chit-chatting about scaling companies, product optimizations, Mars and would love to pick your brains over some coffee. Now a resident of Canada, he has fully adopted Vancouver as a home, with his team spread over the world!

Articles by Saba Mohebpour: