Izabela Schultz

Seminar Speaker

Dr. Izabela Schultz is a registered psychologist specializing in mental health in the workplace and director of UBC-affiliated CORTEX Centre for Advanced Assessment in Vancouver (www.cortexcentre.com). She has dual qualifications as a clinical psychologist and vocational expert. She was a professor of vocational psychology at UBC for 20 years, doing research and teaching. She authored seven books in the field, including Work Accommodation and Retention in Mental Health and published extensively, receiving a Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association. Before settling at UBC, Dr. Schultz was a Director of Psychology Department at WorkSafeBC, for nine years, spearheading new occupational mental health policies.

At CORTEX Centre, a private venture, Dr. Schultz's team is providing consulting, coaching and training to employers on leadership, stress management, burnout prevention, conflict resolution, team work, innovation and productivity, employee selection and promotion, and tackling staff mental health and psychological issues, including work accommodations and early intervention. Dr. Schultz and her group also provide individual psychological assessments, consulting and counselling to business leaders, entrepreneurs and employees.