Tara Bosch’s 6 tips for Young Entrepreneurs

She may be only 23 years of age, but SmartSweets Founder and CEO Tara Bosch is on the fast track to success. The Surrey BC native set up her company just two years ago, with the aim to kick sugar, keep candy and create a food movement based on smaller portions, and smarter choices.

Her tasty treats have struck a chord, retailing at more than 1,000 locations across Canada and online throughout North America, resulting in almost $2 million in sales.

As one of Canada’s brightest young entrepreneurs, we asked Tara Bosch to share her tips for becoming Canada’s next big entrepreneur.

  1. There is no such thing as failure. Everything is a stepping stone leading you to the path you’re meant to be on. Find peace in that.
  2. When you get knocked down how fast can you get back up? You will get knocked down so many times. Take a moment to breath, accept that what’s happening sucks and then get back up and go out there more determined and with more gusto than ever before.
  3. Every stumbling block is an opportunity. When things don’t go to plan, and it will (fast and often in my experience), ask yourself, what can I learn to improve? Those stumbling blocks are the greatest learning experiences to grow from. Apply them to your business and it will save you from learning that lesson in a much more painful (and expensive) way later.
  4. If someone told you your idea sucked and that you’re stupid for thinking it will work – would it de-motivate you, or would it make you want to prove them wrong and make it happen? Taking an idea from your head to reality is so incredibly hard that if you don’t have the fire in your belly to be told a million times no, and still be passionate, then it’s not worth getting started. You must truly believe that the world needs what you are creating and that you are going to be the one to make it happen.
  5. View your journey as an adventure and you’ll never be disappointed. One of my mentors told me this early on, and it helps me to always keep everything in perspective.
  6. Good is great. Don’t spend time making sure everything is perfect! There are so many balls you must juggle that if you spend time making sure everything is done to perfection you’ll be moving too slowly and the critical window of opportunity for your business might pass!

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