Introducing Your Best Innovation Award Top 10 Semi-Finalists

One of the biggest strengths of any successful business is their ability to come up with new ideas to keep operations, products and services fresh. Our Best Innovation Award recognizes a business that develops advanced or innovative technologies to meet the needs of industry in B.C. This business contributes to making the province a strong and rapidly growing innovation economy, and is creating a positive impact in their industry and community. The award is judged on the following criteria:

  • Innovation: This business supports research and development to create advanced and innovative technology concepts, products, methods and services.
  • Adoption: It demonstrates how the adoption of their technology has positively impacted the way organizations or industries are doing business. This impact is apparent through elements such as increases in efficiency, revenue and economic development.
  • Collaboration: This business works with partners and organizations to promote the commercialization of advanced and innovative technology in BC.

Last year’s winner, Terramera (pictured above), satisfied all of these criteria with their naturally sourced, proven-effective, plant based products that transform agriculture for sustainability in modern times. Below, the ten companies who will vie for the 2018 Best Innovation Award.

Algabloom International Ltd.

Location: Richmond

AlgaBloom International has spent seven years developing technology to grow one of the purest samples of Spirulina Platensis, right here in British Columbia, using fresh Canadian water and air. Called “nature’s most complete superfood”,  each Spirulina alga cell contains 23 times more iron than spinach, 39 times more beta-carotene than carrots, 3 times more calcium than milk and nearly 4 times more protein than tofu.

AVA Technologies

Location: Vancouver

AVA Technologies are the pioneers behind the AVA Byte, an AI-enabled smart indoor garden equipped with revolutionary sensors. Think Nespresso for gardening, meets Apple design, with a Tesla-like auto growing software.

Bowyer & Toulson

Location: Ladner

Bowyer & Toulson have developed a local supply chain to repurpose fallen urban trees in the Vancouver area. Instead of being wasted, this wood is instead used to make heirloom wood charcuterie boards. So far, over 450 board feet of timber has been repurposed, representing approximately ten 30-foot trees saved.


Location: Victoria

Certn created a revolutionary platform that uses data points from thousands of sources to provide advanced risk management for credit issuers, landlords and property management firms.

Easy Daysies Ltd.

Location: Coquitlam

Easy Daysies produces tools for kids aged 3+ that simply and effectively help parents teach children to become more co-operative, independent, and less anxious. Through using these tools kids learn routine, good habits, responsibility and self-discipline – all while having fun.


Location: Coquitlam

LifeSupply offers caregivers, seniors, patients and medical professionals alike, convenient 24/7 access to online shopping for an expanding range of home medical, dental, ostomy, wound care, emergency care, baby, and other products.


Location: Vancouver

Founded by marine biologist Brianne Miller, Nada is a zero-waste grocery store based in Vancouver. The company’s mission statement is to create a just food system, free of waste, that supports a thriving local economy and connects people to their food.


Location: Kelowna

Vitalis is a Manufacturing company based in Kelowna, BC. Through constant innovation and with a strict focus on quality, Vitalis grew quickly to become one of the largest and most sophisticated manufacturers of Botanical Extraction Systems in the world.

World Tree Cop

Location: Victoria

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program is a sustainable timber investment based on the Empress Splendor tree, the fastest growing tree in the world. Empress trees provide valuable hardwood lumber within just 10 years. They also absorb 11 times more carbon than any other tree.


Location: Penticton

Winecrush is an artisan food company based in the wine-rich Okanagan. After wineries press their grapes, Winecrush takes the seeds and skins to create food pairings to match the wine. Their products are gluten free and full of antioxidants.