Holiday Gift Guide – Cariboo

The Cariboo is not just rich in natural resources and beauty, it is rich local small businesses looking to help you find those last-minute gifts for your loved ones.

No matter who is on your list, or what the budget, here are our top six gift selections from the BC Marketplace.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, try exploring the Cariboo Marketplace.

Soulstice Herbals

Gift Idea: Honey’d Chai Tea
Perfect for: Tea Lovers
Location: 100 Mile House

This honey chai is blended with honeybush leaves to make it slightly sweeter than traditional chai, while still packing in the spicy flavour. Soulstice tea’s are loose leaf, organic and made in small batches, making them a delicious present for any loved one.


Touch Wood Rings, Inc 

Gift Idea: Handcrafted Wooden Ring
Perfect for: Wood Lovers
Location: Williams Lake

These custom-designed rings by David Finch are handcrafted by steam bending wood. The unique grain of each wood, make each reign unrepeatable and a fingerprint for your love. You can choose from over 35 types of wood, and let the wood speak for itself, or choose an inlay of stone or shell.


Heidi The Artist

Gift Idea: Art Workshop
Perfect for: Budding Artists
Location: 100 Mile House

Know a budding artist that needs to gain their confidence? Buy them a ticket to an art workshop with Heidi. She will take them through each step with easy-to-follow guidance on how to create a work of art for them to take home at the end of the light.


MamaQuilla Textiles

Gift Idea: Slippers
Perfect for: Cozy Homebodies
Location: Horesefly

These cozy felt slippers are handmade out of wool, with a rubber tread to give you a safe grip about the home. MamaQuilla’s textiles are all handmade in Kyrgyzstan, combining their traditional techniques with a modern design.


You Are Lovely

Gift Idea: Handstamped Bracelet
Perfect for: Personalised Gifts
Location: 100 Mile House

Whether it’s an uplifting reminder and a communication of love, these aluminum cuff bracelets are a great gift to make sure your loved ones know they are being thought of, no matter where they are.


Lolly’s Baking 

Gift Idea: Handcrafted Marshmallows
Perfect for: Creative S’mores
Location: Eagle Creek

With over 20 different flavours, from London Fog to Root Beer, French Toast to Cotton Candy, Lolly’s sell a marshmallow for everyone. Each bag contains a dozen 1.25” square marshmallows, perfect for s’mores, hot chocolate or just for a mid morning snack.