Canada Business App Provides Easy Access to Government Services

As part of their continuing efforts to help small business owners, the Government of Canada has announced the launch of the Canada Business App.

Available for Apple and Android devices, the Canada Business App allows small- and medium-sized businesses to easily navigate government services, receive recommendations tailored to their business, set up personalized notifications and find the answers they need to start, scale up or access new markets for their business.

How to Access the Canada Business App

To download the free Canada Business App, simply open the App Store/Google Play Store on your device and search “Canada Business App.” Once downloaded, users can customize their experience to adjust their notifications, receive calendar updates for important dates and tailor search results to only display relevant resources. Users with queries can access a built-in chat feature to receive assistance. The app is currently in an early-access phase, which means a more robust suite of features will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months.

Feel like the app is missing a glaring feature? Simply click “Feedback” in the app’s main menu to provide your thoughts and help shape the future direction of this valuable resource.

Helping Small Business Owners

Ninety-nine per cent of all Canadian businesses are small- or medium-sized businesses. These companies form the backbone of our economy, employing over 10 million Canadians across the country.

Following on the heels of the reduction in the small business tax rate and ongoing decrease in regulatory burdens, the app will provide a further boon for Canadian entrepreneurs, according to Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion, Mary Ng.

“This is a small business–friendly government that is working hard to reduce red tape and make it easier for Canadian small business owners to start up, scale up, and access new markets,” said Ng.

“The Canada Business App is a fantastic tool that will help small business owners access the government programs and services they need simply and quickly. When small businesses in communities across the country succeed, our economy grows, and middle-class jobs are created.”

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