Become a Supplier to the Canadian Government

Have you considered providing products or services to the Government of Canada?  Chances are you if you have thought about it, you have dismissed it thinking that your business is not relevant to the government, however most of the time this assumption is wrong.

Types of Goods and Services

Due to the wide and varied nature of work which government employees perform – from RCMP officers to armed forces, from street cleaners to administration staff – the Government of Canada purchases a wide variety of goods and services every year.

With the help of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), the government’s common service provider and main purchaser, the federal government spends approximately $15 billion a year on goods and services ranging from airplanes to paperclips, as well as a wide variety of services.

Who Wins Government Contracts?

Another common misconception is that only big businesses win government contracts, however in 2009/10 over $776 million new contracts were awarded by PWGSC to BC and Yukon small and medium enterprises (SME’s) alone.

How to Start Working with the Government

Now that you know that you can work with the government, where should you start?

CanadaBuys is the government’s new user friendly procurement website which pulls together opportunities from Contracts Canada and PWGSC.  The site’s content is based on a five-step process with detailed guides and video to help you understand the steps for doing business with the government.  The site is the main location to find information about doing business with the Government of Canada.

Once you have registered to become a government supplier via the CanadaBuys website, it is essential that you proactively promote your business as a supplier.  Let them know what goods and services you have and why you should be their supplier.

Register now via CanadaBuys’ Supplier Registration Information system.

Need Some Help?

The Office of Small and Medium Enterprise’s (OSME) is dedicated to helping small businesses successfully compete for government business by working to reduce barriers and simplify requirements.

For help understanding the government’s procurement process including identifying opportunities and how to bid for government business opportunities contact your local OSME office:

Email:  [email protected]

Tel:       1-866-602-0403 (toll free)