A New Look for Small Business BC

As with every good business, a time comes for a little change.

While very fond of the black and yellow logo that’s represented Small Business BC for so long, our organization was in need of a little rejuvenation. We spent nine months researching our clients, our services, our purpose, how people perceive us and overall, our identity. Through this research it became abundantly clear that Small Business BC provides the building blocks that help entrepreneurs grow successful businesses. With our products and services, education and resources we provide a piece that fits with every business.

We believe that no matter what stage of business or what skill level, there’s a need to learn and grow. Our role is to fill those gaps. When an entrepreneur finds themselves asking “How do I…?” we’re the ones to call.

What Does the New Look Mean?

The new vibrant colours in our logo and on our website are a reflection of the bold and brilliant business owners we serve. Blue represents stability; a solid foundation to build your business upon. Purple is the colour of creativity and inspiration, a key element of entrepreneurship. Green symbolizes growth and Small Business BC’s commitment to serving all of BC.

Our new brand is not only about a new look, we’ve also refined our focus. As always, Small Business BC is here to help business owners build from the ground up, but we’re also continuously adding new services, providing up-to-the-minute resources, and implementing new technologies to make access to our services even easier across BC. We simplify complex business issues to save entrepreneurs time and money.

BC is full of amazing trailblazers who go out on their own, risk everything and take a chance at entrepreneurship. Small Business BC is making it a focus to not only support those people and their passion, but to also share their stories as inspiration for others.

We might look a little different, but you can trust that our great resources, education and services are still the same!