Making Friends with Your Accountant

…Knowing your Responsibilities Other than a great system you will also need to educate yourself about your obligations relating to GST/HST, payroll and your own personal tax obligations. Gaining an

Tax Cheat Sheet: Staying on Top of Small Business Taxes

…costs, so you’ll want to get on top of things sooner than later. Now, what exactly does your accountant require to complete the filing process? It can get confusing and…

Let’s Talk About Fashion…The Business Aspects

If there is one topic I love to talk about, it would be the fashion and beauty industry. And if I’m doing it on “company time”, all the better. How…

Talk To An Expert Feedback

…Select –-Talk to an AccountantTalk to a Branding ExpertTalk to an HR ProfessionalTalk to a LawyerTalk to a Social Media ExpertTalk to a Website ExpertTalk to a Intellectual Property LawyerTalk

Talk To An Expert RFP

…some time to become familiar with the current Talk To An Expert offerings and the topics which would be relevant to our clientele. Name* First Last Phone* Email* Business Name*…