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We are a champion for British Columbia's small business community. We've helped this many small business community members


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Our Clients

We help grow small businesses across British Columbia - here are some of the clients that we've helped:


"If you are thinking about starting a business, go talk with Small Business BC first. They have guidance, seminars and resources on almost every aspect that will allow you to move forward, informed." Margo M., Seminar Attendee
"SBBC provides valuable support / resources to Small Business owners / operators. It offers great convenience for me to find what's essential to begin planning for a Small Business." Erika C., Webinar Attendee
"They made the word business less daunting and more doable" Linda S., Seminar Attendee
"Knowledgeable, helps set up good roots for your business, and makes recommendations based on your needs." Marion Z., Webinar Attendee
"I have owned a company for 14 years and I was not aware of the resources available at Small Business BC. I have been pleased with every seminar I've taken so far. This is a go-to for business seminars." Paula C., Webinar Attendee
"A good place to learn how to start a business." Emily Y., Webinar Attendee
"An amazing resource - more people should be made aware of the service SBBC is providing." Susan D., Webinar Attendee
"Great resource available across the Province." Michael F., Webinar Attendee
"A great starting point for all interested to do business in BC. Their wealth of knowledge and the amount of caring for your business to succeed works like magic!" Dana F., Webinar Attendee
"SBBC provides information and insightful seminars to help you launch your business in BC. Worth it!" Marc-Antoine B., Seminar Attendee
"Small Business BC is a great resource for starting a business. I'm really glad to have found this resource as I start my business. Great staff!" Mel L., Seminar Attendee
"Both the Small Business Expo and the free seminars are hugely helpful. I learned a great deal and wish I had known about all of this when I first started my business." Debbie C., Webinar Attendee
"SBBC has a wealth of information, resources, and experts. They are definitely worth looking at." Rob E., Seminar Attendee
"SBBC is a very valuable resource for anyone looking to start, or expand their business. I highly recommend that anyone looking for guidance, look here first." Loralei S., Seminar Attendee
"SBBC provides useful information on a variety of topics that can be very helpful to those in or starting a business." Mariane S., Webinar Attendee
"If you need to gather experience with the knowledge you have to get to Small Business BC." Leonardo D., Seminar Attendee
"Small Business BC has lots of resources that are easily accessible for people who are starting up, starting and growing!" Vivian H., Seminar Attendee