Ali Haeri

Seminar Speaker

With an educational foundation rooted in Engineering and an MBA, Ali Haeri brings a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic business acumen to the forefront of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. He has held pivotal roles as CEO and Chairman of major manufacturing companies across industries,  demonstrating a consistent track record of driving growth, innovation, and sustainable practices.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Ali is deeply committed to addressing food insecurity and minimizing waste through his dedicated work in ILCS, a food recovery charity, for over eight years. This passion for making a tangible difference in the community is further evidenced by his role as Chairman of Soul Bite Food Inc, a social enterprise in the food industry, focusing on creating sustainable food systems that benefit both people and the planet.

As a father of two daughters, Ali is profoundly motivated by the desire to leave a healthier, more sustainable world for future generations. This personal commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility is at the heart of his professional endeavors.