11 Local SEO Strategies for BC Small Businesses

I’ve watched digital marketing evolve considerably over the past 20 years of working online. The ability to geo-target local consumers is one of the most exciting, yet underutilized, developments. The following budget-friendly tips have allowed me to help hundreds of small businesses improve their local search ranking. Here are eleven local […]

Top Tips to Improve the SEO for Your Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps the biggest advertising opportunity for small and medium businesses to reach out to their target customer. Part of the reason this opportunity can be so appealing is because if done correctly, it can provide far better ROI than many paid traffic campaigns. SEO is […]

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm: How Will Your Business Be Affected?

Google is making some changes on how it ranks websites in their search results. The latest update will be unleashed next week and specifically favours websites that are mobile-friendly. So, What is a Mobile-Friendly Site? A mobile-friendly site is simply a site is optimized for hand-held devices, such as a […]

5 Ways to Maximize SEO Traffic Early in the Startup Phase

As a small business owner your time is split in a multitude of ways. And knowing which of those tasks to prioritize can either make or break a business. One of the single most important areas critical for startups is building relevant organic search traffic. Something that is often overlooked.

7 Steps to Online Marketing Success

Online marketing can be a challenge to many businesses. Get it right and you can strike gold, get it wrong and you

WordPress SEO By Yoast: The Best Plugin To Optimize Blog Posts

A good blog post isn’t just a well put together piece of writing – it’s also easily readable for search engines. If you’re writing naturally and offering valuable information, certain on-page search engine optimization factors will be met. But there are so many other aspects of SEO that you might not have considered.

How to Improve Your Website’s SEO through Link Building

Ever wonder why websites like Wikipedia consistently show up at the top of search rankings? It’s because thousands upon thousands of other sites link to it. You can use these simple tips to encourage others to link to content on your website to boost your SEO.

Referral Links vs Organic Search Results and How They Work for Your Website

Have you launched a new website only to be underwhelmed by your traffic statistics? Fear not, you are not alone. Many new website owners struggle with low traffic numbers. It can feel impossible to know where to start. Kris helps explain your options.

5 Myths of SEO Busted

It seems that everyone and their dog have something to say about optimizing websites to rank highly for search engines. And with this knowledge, a number of myths and misconceptions about SEO have also become commonplace.