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Small business office space

Build something big.

At Small Business BC, we provide the building blocks to help entrepreneurs like you start and grow successful businesses.

How We Help


Business Education

Business theory is one thing. Applying it is another. We teach practical skills and knowledge you can use in the real world.

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Expert Advice

Expert Advice & Help

Bouncing ideas off of friends and family can be helpful, but it's no substitute for talking to a qualified expert.

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Registration Services

We can help you register your business and its name, as well as register for GST/PST and prepare it importing and exporting.

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Resources & Tools

Small Business BC offers dozens of free checklists, resources and tools designed to help save you time and money.

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Here to Help at Every Step

Starting a Business

Just Starting Out?

You have an idea that could change your industry. Or, at least, your life. At Small Business BC, we can help you make that happen.

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Growing a Business

Already Growing?

Have a established, growing business? Our team is here to support you at any stage with affordable education and advice.

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Exiting a Business

Planning to Exit?

If you're getting ready to exit your business, we'll help you access the tools to develop a succession plan or sell your business.

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Jordan 2 Meet Jordan Rogers, Lloyd-James Sales & Marketing

Success Story

How food goes from the producer to your grocery store isn’t a concern for most shoppers. But there is an entire world of marketing, sales, regulations and merchandising at work every time you’re rung through the checkout. While this world of food distribution is a mystery to many, it’s where […]

Latest Articles

Tourism generates approximately $14.6 billion in revenue in BC. Over 9.3 million people visited in just 2015 alone, and these numbers are only projected to increase in the future. Considering these factors, it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs and small business owners seek to establish a local tourism business. However, […]

This May, make it a priority to get your great business idea off the ground, or accelerate the growth of your existing business, with Small Business BC education resources. Take advantage of our discounted Powering Online Profiles and Reviews on Google and Yelp seminar to save 20 per cent […]