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How We Help


Business Education

Business theory is one thing. Applying it is another. We teach practical skills and knowledge you can use in the real world.

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Expert Advice

Expert Advice & Help

Bouncing ideas off of friends and family can be helpful, but it's no substitute for talking to a qualified expert.

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Registration Services

We can help you register your business and its name, as well as register for GST/PST and prepare it importing and exporting.

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Resources & Tools

Small Business BC offers dozens of free checklists, resources and tools designed to help save you time and money.

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Here to Help at Every Step

Starting a Business

Just Starting Out?

You have an idea that could change your industry. Or, at least, your life. At Small Business BC, we can help you make that happen.

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Growing a Business

Already Growing?

Have a established, growing business? Our team is here to support you at any stage with affordable education and advice.

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Exiting a Business

Planning to Exit?

If you're getting ready to exit your business, we'll help you access the tools to develop a succession plan or sell your business.

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Meet Max Rivest and Arnaud Petitvallet, Wize Monkey

Success Story

Canadians have a bit of a love affair with coffee. Whether it’s the cooler weather or the sheer availability of it, Canada is officially ranked number one when calculating the number of litres of coffee per capita we gulp down. But despite our love of coffee, the average consumer […]

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