Business Networking and Dining Tips

Dining with clients should be an enjoyable experience with the potential for deals to be made. We have compiled a few of tips to give you the confidence at your next networking or dining event:

The Power of a Business Card

In this digital age, people might tell you that business cards are unnecessary. That online platforms have rendered them obsolete and dated. In reality, however, attempts to reinvent business cards for the digital age have gone nowhere. As the Economist observes, even in the trendiest tech gatherings in Silicon […]

How to Host a Business Lunch with Confidence

Lunches with clients are never just lunches. These meetings build interpersonal connections above and beyond phones, emails and social media, making business lunches essential for small business owners looking to create valuable, long-lasting connections that can help their business grow. In my experience, making and retaining strong client relationships and […]

Network at Local Leaders Fraser Valley This May – Presented by Small Business BC and Township of Langley

Entrepreneurs know the power of networking with local industry influencers and likeminded individuals. Take advantage of Local Leaders Fraser Valley presented by Small Business BC and Township of Langley to gain inspiration from the top CEOs and business frontrunners in the community. Enjoy a complimentary drink from Old Abbey Ales, […]

Why Coworking May Be Your Future Office

Unless your spouse is your co-founder and your cat is your CFO, working from home can bring certain interruptions that you wouldn’t find at a shared workspace. Life will always bring unexpected distractions, whether you work at home, a coffee shop or a coworking space. That being said, if you work […]

Maximizing Your Time Investment: Making the Most of a Business Event

When you’re a small business owner, there are dozens of events and engagements to choose from that may be beneficial to your business.  The three metrics we covered last month might help you strategically allocate your time, one of your most valuable resources, when choosing the events that are right […]

6 Networking Fails and How to Avoid Them

While online networking is dominating the world, in-person networking is still a great way to meet and mingle with peers, potential partners and mentors. If you’re new to business networking, it can be a difficult to scene to navigate

How to Get More Out of Business Networking Events

Networking does not come easily for many people. The thought of entering a room full of people who you don’t know and introducing yourself can be daunting. So, to help you on your networking journey, here are our tips to get the most out of business networking event.