Watch the Small Business BC Awards

Welcome to the Small Business BC Awards – watch the broadcasts of our 2021 Awards below

Back in January, we asked you to nominate your favourite small businesses, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of small business support. After over 50,000 votes, 937 nominations and a nerve-racking Dragon’s Den style pitch – we’re down to the final week, tune in and find out our 2021 winners!

The schedule

Day 2: Tuesday, May 4th (1:00pm to 1:40pm) – WATCH RECORDING
Awards: Best Immigrant Entrepreneur Award, and Best Community Impact Award
Day 3: Wednesday, May 5th (1:00pm to 1:40pm) – WATCH RECORDING
Awards: Best Solopreneur Award, and Best Youth Entrepreneur Award
Day 4: Thursday, May 6th (1:00pm to 1:40pm) – WATCH RECORDING
Awards: Best Innovation Award, and Premier’s People’s Choice Award

Across 3 days of short films – we’ll reveal the 6 deserving winners of our 2021 Awards.


Missed the LIVE show? Watch the recordings

Day 2 of the Small Business BC Awards Week (Best Immigrant Entrepreneur and Best Community Impact Awards)


Day 3 of the Small Business BC Awards Week (Best Youth Entrepreneur and Best Solopreneur)


Day 4 of the Small Business BC Awards Week (Best Innovation and Premier’s People’s Choice Awards)


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Awards Week be accessible?

We will have open captions available during the live streamed Gala on May 4, 5 and 6. Closed captioning will also be available for the recordings after each live streamed event has ended.

You can view our SBBC Awards Week Opening Night panel discussion by clicking here.

You can watch SBBC Awards Week live on the following platforms:

We will have chat available – to the side of the live broadcast – on all our platforms that we are live streaming the events to. You do not need to have any kind of account to participate in the chat discussion that will be available on our website.

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Yes, you can press pause in the video player, but once you press play you will be brought to the live part of the event.

Yes, each of the main video presentations will be available to watch after the live streamed event has ended. You can view the past videos on our website here: