Business Impact Award

Business Impact Award

The SBBC Business Impact Award goes to the business owner(s) that are truly making a difference. These hard-working individuals embrace the challenge of entrepreneurship, displaying skill in areas like sales, marketing, logistics, finances, and operations. Their organization has taken positive action to invest in the community and sees social responsibility as an integral part of business success. Prizing will be awarded to the Top-3 businesses as follows:

Business Impact Award

$8,000 1st Prize
$4,000 2nd Prize
$1,500 3rd Prize

  • Businesses must be in operation for at least 12 months
  • Businesses must be based in British Columbia
  • Businesses must have 50 or fewer employees
  • Nominations must be submitted online by 11:59pm on February 28th, 2022
  • Past Small Business BC Awards winners are prohibited from entering the category in which they won
  • Nominees must not operate businesses that are sexually exploitative or that feature sexually explicit entertainment, products or services.
  • Nominees must not be associated with illegal activities
  • Inappropriate, disrespectful or offensive language will not be accepted as part of SBBC Award

  • Track Record & Clear Vision: Our finalists will demonstrate a proven track record and clear future vision in the areas of business resilience, growth, corporate responsibility and financial sustainability. Their company has navigated the challenges presented by a rapidly changing business landscape through sales, marketing, logistics, finances, and operations to ultimately improve their business overall, create new efficiencies, or foster new ways of serving their community.
  • Community Impact: Our finalists understand that a small business is often reliant on the ecosystem that surrounds it. Their operations demonstrate a positive impact in their community and is a leader in new ways of doing business while doing good. Our finalists have built a loyal following around their brand and their customers aren’t afraid to show that love right back to them through testimonials and reviews.
  • Company Culture: Our finalists strive to create a healthy workplace where everyone feels welcomed. If they’re a Solopreneur, they set the standard in their interactions with clients and vendors. If they’re a small business owner, they place importance on company culture, which is reflected through a respect for work/life balance, career development opportunities, and staff empowerment.

We understand taking part in competitions like ours requires a time commitment. That’s why we want you to maximize the impact you receive from entering. Here are five tips to consider when submitting your nomination for a Small Business BC Award.

Establish Your Objectives

A great place to start is to decide upon your goals for entering the Small Business BC Awards. Maybe you want to help boost your staff recruitment, raise your profile within your industry, or improve your marketing? Our Awards program can be a powerful tool to achieve your goals. You just need to clearly define what those goals are before you begin.

Designate an ‘Awards Champion’

Throughout the years, we’ve seen businesses pass the task of administering their awards application from one staff member to the next. This results in inconsistent entries where no one person took ownership and drove the task forward. Instead, we recommend designating yourself, or a staff member, as an ‘Awards Champion’ with responsibility for handling the nomination from start to finish.

Match Your Content to the Criteria

Each of our award categories has detailed criteria you can refer to when submitting a nomination. Our judges will refer to the criteria when assessing which businesses will proceed to the next phase of the competition. It’s crucial to understand the criteria for your category and deliver an application that meets the criteria. These simple instructions provide the recipe for success. Don’t ignore them!

Speak to Previous Nominees

Each year, over 600 businesses are nominated in the Small Business BC Awards. Across the several month process, these businesses learn so much about the process, developing invaluable takeaways, experience and knowledge. Why not consider asking their advice? They’ll be able to share some of the benefits of taking part, how to prepare to present to our judges, and how to approach your community to gather votes.

Get Your Entry Proofread

Before you submit your nomination, task a friend or family member to read over it and provide their feedback. Try to find someone who will provide impartial feedback. They may notice an important element you’ve forgot to mention, or typos that have slipped under the radar. Your entry will sparkle if it’s error-free and provides a compelling case as to why you should win.

  • Small Business BC retains the right to updates the rules of the Small Business BC Awards at any time.
  • Franchisees are NOT eligible for the Small Business BC Awards
  • Small Business BC staff members are not eligible to enter
  • Businesses may be nominated in one or more categories as long as they meet the eligibility criteria for that category
  • By entering the Small Business BC Awards, you accept our judges’ decisions will be final
  • All shortlisted finalists authorize SBBC to identify them (name/picture) in connection with the Small Business BC Awards

Check out our full SBBC Awards Rules to learn more.

Jan 20 Nominations & Voting Begins
Feb 28 Nomination & Voting Closes
Mar 14 Top 5 Finalists Announced
Mar 28 Pitches & Judging
Apr 28 Ceremony & Winners Announced


When you’re completing your nomination, the answers you provide, along with supporting documentation, will be examined as part of our judging process. First, you must gather enough votes to make it through to our Top 5 Finalists. Don’t be shy in engaging your community to vote for you!

We understand that all BC communities are different sizes and that different businesses have different sized networks. To level the playing field, votes will be normalized against British Columbia Regional District Population Figures.

No. Vote tallies will not be made public on the Small Business BC website, or made available to nominees. Because a normalization calculation is applied to the votes to determine the Top 5 finalists, pure vote numbers are not indicative of performance in the competition.

Only one vote per person is allowed, per nominee, per category: you can vote once for your favorite business in every category they’re nominated in.

In the 2022 Small Business BC Awards, there are 4 opportunities to win an award.

Our Business Impact Award has prizing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and the Premier’s People’s Choice is awarded to one winner.

This format provides more value to our winners with a total prize pool of $15,000! Our nomination criteria also ensures the vast majority of BC-based small businesses qualify for participation.

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